Saturday, September 22, 2012

Get to Know Us at WSKEO 100

As part of our year-long 40th anniversary celebrations, we are so excited to be taking part in the 100th instalment of the wildly popular "We Should Know Each Other" (WSKEO) party!  

The social mixer is taking place on September 29 and 30 at the former King Edward School.  The event will kick off the building's unveiling as an Arts Hub courtesy of the cSPACE Project.

For more info about the WSKEO event and to learn about other participating groups, please visit the WSKEO Facebook page at:

We will be hosting a series of FREE sex ed workshops and discussions that will have everyone talking!  Please check out the workshops below and register for any that catch your interest!

Talking With Your Kids
10:00-10:30 Sat, Sept. 29th, 2012
This workshop is designed to give parents a brief intro to talking to their kids about human sexuality. Parents will learn about ages and development stages of children and what is maybe appropriate to talk about at each stage. For many parents this may be an awkward topic so we’ll talk about ways to break the ice and participate in a lifelong conversation around healthy sexuality.

To register:

Trans and Queer Identities 101
11:00-11:30 Sat, Sept. 29th, 2012
The gender binary, transgender, genderqueer, two-spirit… These are terms and concepts that are being discussed more and more often in our society. This will be an opportunity to better understand the complexities of different gender identities and how the gender binary might be a thing of the past.

To Be A Feminist
1:00-1:30 Sat, Sept. 29th, 2012
Join us as we talk about the other “F” word. The feminist perspective deeply informs the work that we do at the CSHC. We want to hear what Feminism means to you and the impact this important movement has had on your life.
To register:

Masculinity 101
2:00-2:30pm Sat, Sept. 29th, 2012

Are men today having a crisis of masculinity? Our society, with its use of media, language and social influence, puts a lot of pressure on guys to “Be a Man.” Join us in a discussion about masculinity in today’s culture where we’ll challenge you to think outside the “Man Box.”
To register:

Know Your "O" Part One
3:00-3:30 Sat, Sept. 29th, 2012

What turns you on? In part one of two workshops, we will be talking about the anatomical and physiological responses our bodies have to stimulation. No matter what body you have, understanding what turns you on can lead to a healthier, happier sex life.

Know Your "O" Part Two
4:00-4:30 Sat, Sept. 29th, 2012

So you know what turns you on and gets you going… how do you communicate that to a partner? In part two of Know Your “O” we’ll be focusing on the more personal side of arousal. We have a fun activity that will get people talking about their fantasies and turn-ons and practice saying yes or no to sexual scenarios.

Ask The Sexperts Q&A
5:00-5:30 Sat, Sept. 29th, 2012
Not everyone has someone they know and can trust to ask sexual health related questions. As sexual health educators one of the most fun things we do is answer those questions! We’ve heard from Grade 7,8,9 and 11 students and now we want to hear from you! What’s the wildest question we’ve ever been asked? You won’t know unless you come to the workshop! Don’t worry, there are no silly questions!


The full range of our upcoming events can be found at:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Head Back to School with our Training Centre!

September means its time to head back to school!  Our Comprehensive Sexual Education team is busy with in-class sessions in junior and senior high schools, and our educators are connecting with and supporting Gay Straight Alliances in schools across our city.

But that's not all.

Our Training Centre is also revving up for a busy fall session, inviting professionals and service providers to head Back to School.

We have the following upcoming workshops scheduled for this fall:

1. Creating a Culture of Respect for LGBT Individuals
In this workshop participants explore the reality of heterosexism in society and its impact on client service delivery models and practices. Myths, language and definitions are clarified and strategies to create safe and supportive environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients and coworkers are practiced.

When:   Thur, Oct 11, 2012 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Where:   Calgary Sexual Health Centre, #304, 301-14 St NE
Fee:   $50.00 per person, including workshop materials

2. Taking Sexy Back: Helping Clients Reclaim Healthy Sexuality
Unfortunately, many people have experienced sex and sexuality in a negative way, through harmful cultural messages or abuse. In this workshop, you will examine the impact of trauma on the sexual response cycle and explore a framework for healthy sex.

As well, you will learn strategies and tools to help clients reframe sex and sexuality and experience sexual well being.

When:   Fri, Nov 23, 2012 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Where:   Calgary Sexual Health Centre, #304, 301-14 St NE
Fee:   $50.00 per person, including workshop materials

3. Supporting Older Adults and Sexual Health
Designed for those working with older adults, you will increase your confidence and comfort talking with clients about sexuality.

Receive practical suggestions, tips and resources to start talking about sexual health and advocating for sexual wellbeing with your older adult clients.

When:   Wed, Dec 5, 2012 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)
Where:   Calgary Sexual Health Centre, #304, 301-14 St NE
Fee:   $50.00 per person, including workshop materials

To register for any of these workshops:
Contact Valerie Barr at 403.283.5580 ext. 317 or

Please note:  Level 'A' Alberta Social Work Continuing Education Credits are available for attendance at these workshops via a partnership with the Calgary Counselling Centre.  General public are also welcome to attend.


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