Friday, March 2, 2012

Celebrating 40 years of Audacity

This year marks the 40th anniversary of our organization’s legacy of serving the Calgary community with comprehensive, non-judgmental sexual health information. Although our organization was officially registered on June 27, 1972, we are taking the opportunity to mark this milestone over the entire year ahead.
We began as a grassroots volunteer organization and have been providing comprehensive sexuality education and counselling to the Calgary community since 1972. In the early 70’s, our work focused on improving access to birth control and increasing support for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Since that time, we have evolved to include a range of services and programs to ensure that individuals are able to make informed, positive choices about their sexual and reproductive health.
We believe that healthy sexuality is more than the absence of disease or unintended pregnancies; it also encompasses the positive aspects of relationships and sexuality. Our programs and services for families, youth, adults and seniors reflect our awareness of the holistic nature of sexual health and its impact across the life span.
At the CSHC, we continue to ensure that women and men have access to comprehensive sexual health information.  Sexuality still remains a taboo subject for many, STI rates are rising, and Canadians continually need to actively defend and advocate for their reproductive rights.
We still have much work to do, and we know that we will continue to have the community’s support behind us.
We have had many supporters and advocates in our community in the past 40 years, and we hope to celebrate and acknowledge them this anniversary year.

This month, we are hosting a gathering of our past and current Board Members and Staff. Please join us to sip some bubbly, share our stories and celebrate 40 years of audacity!
Thursday, March 29th, 2012
5pm – 7pm
Please RSVP to Sylvia at 403-283-5580 ext 316 or