Friday, May 4, 2012

The Ripple Effect: role modeling open communication about sex

recent study discussed by The Sex Information and Education Council of Canada has confirmed that communication with relationship partners about various aspects of sex is characteristic of relationships that are more likely to be mutually satisfying both in general and in relation to sexuality.

Open communication about sex may also make it easier to discuss issues such as contraception and safer sex.

For many couples, establishing open lines of communication about sex may well be worth the initial feelings of nervousness or discomfort they may feel.  But how can we help our clients to overcome this discomfort?

As sexual health educators, we believe we play a part in role modeling open communication about sex.  Through our training sessions, service providers and professionals can increase their own comfort level in talking openly about sex with their clients - who in turn will feel more comfort in talking about sex with their own partners.

Its our own sexual health ripple effect!