Monday, March 25, 2013

Our WiseGuyz Program: Learn all about it!

On April 10th, our WiseGuyz Program will be presented at the Calgary Domestic Violence Committee (CDVC) “Lunch & Learn” session Helping Guys Be Wise. Our WiseGuyz Program Coordinator, Blake Spence, will highlight his work with the WiseGuyz program and illustrate strategies to engage young men in the program.

Our WiseGuyz Program began in February 2010 with a focus to engage young men in a sexual health program that would address their specific needs. 

WiseGuyz is a ground-breaking 14 week program that provides targets education, skills development and support to young men to help them achieve sexual well-being and healthy relationships. The program employs a comprehensive approach to sexual health that recognizes that sexuality and male gender norms influence young men's attitudes, actions, relationships and their sexual experiences.

The program curriculum addresses a range of topics including:
  • anatomy, birth control and STIs
  • gender and masculinity
  • human rights and personal values
  • effective communication
  • decision-making
Participants also analyze the highly sexualized pop cultural landscape that surrounds them in an effort to develop critical thinking skills about mass media.

(Read more on how the program got started.)

The program is currently running in three public Junior High Schools. It has been featured on CBC Radio One and as a cover story in the Globe and Mail.

CDVC Lunch & Learn:
Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
Sheriff King
2003-16th St. S.E.

No Cost

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