Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our doors are open! And our hearts are full!

Its been a long few months of repairs at our office, but we're finally getting close to the end! We are thrilled to share that our office is now open!

On May 12, some pipes in our building burst and caused major flood damage throughout our office spaces. As you can see, we're still working on the finishing touches - but our doors are open and we welcome you to drop by!

Despite the mess and inconvenience, our staff have powered through the ordeal. Our many programs and services continued to serve the community, and we managed to achieve some great successes:

We hosted our AGM on June 19 with special guest speaker, Dr. Shirley Steinberg. It was a very special evening for us as we reconnected with a full room of friends and supporters, and thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Steinberg's funny and poignant address.

Camp fYrefly 
From July 11 - 14, we held the inaugural Camp fYrefly for LGBTQ youth in the Calgary area. We are still overwhelmed by the incredible energy at the camp and the strong support from the community. We truly believe it was a life-changing event for many of the amazing youth we welcomed to the camp. Thank you to the many volunteers, supporters, donors and sponsors that made this possible. 

And of course during these milestone events for our organization, we along with our fellow Calgarians witnessed the incredible events of the Alberta Floods. The response to the floods has been deeply inspiring, and it was remarkable that only a few weeks later the city hosted the resilient Calgary Stampede 101. And we were there with our CCHA partners to "YAHOO!" along with the city, marking another year of the "Put a Condom on Your Cowboy" campaign.
Looking back at the past month, we are so filled with gratitude and inspiration. We love the spirit of Calgary!! You make us proud to be part of this great city.