Thursday, August 2, 2012

10 Things Guys Can Do About Birth Control

Birth control is not just a women's issue. There's lots that men can do to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.  In no particular order, here's a list of just 10 things:

  1. Bring up the subject. Talk to your partner about birth control before you have sex.
  2. Learn about different birth control methods to help you make good choices and so you can use it correctly.
  3. Use condoms. They are inexpensive, easy to use and you can get them without a prescription. And they also reduce your risk of sexually transmitted infections.
  4. Practice putting on a condom to help build your confidence in using them correctly and easily.
  5. For birth control methods other than condoms, your partner will need to visit a doctor or a clinic. Offer to go with her.
  6. Offer to pay for or share the cost of the prescriptions.
  7. Ask your partner if you can help with reminding her to use her birth control.
  8. Make a commitment that if you don't have a condom, or your partner forgets to use her birth control, don't have sex. Wait until you're protected.
  9. Talk about pregnancy, just in case. Talking about it will show you care.
  10. Talk to other guys to share what you know and remind them that by taking responsibility for using birth control, they are showing their partners that they care.

If birth control is a shared responsibility, you'll both benefit!  For more info about your birth control options, please contact us at 403-283-5580 or

(Adapted from "Birth Control: Ten Things a Man Can Do" pamphlet, Journeyworks Publishing)