Thursday, April 11, 2013

"WiseGuyz" program featured on CTV News in response to rape culture

Our WiseGuyz program coordinator Blake Spence was interviewed by CTV News in the wake of the response to Rehtaeh Parsons' suicide. Blake discusses the concept of "rape culture" in our society and how our WiseGuyz program is working with young men to change it.

Blake explains the importance of a program like WiseGuyz:

"There is a lot of work out there that has been focused on women’s reproductive health. There are lots of programs for young women available. But there aren’t the same number of programs for young men.
We wanted to fill that gap, and so the WiseGuyz program is a program for Grade 9 guys — 14- and 15-year-old guys — that teaches them what a healthy relationship is, all about sexual health, consent, what’s considered sexual assault. And how to have a healthy relationship now and in the future."

Here's the full clip from CTV News:

To learn more about our WiseGuyz program - which works with junior and senior high boys to better understand healthy sexuality, consent, healthy relationships and more - check this blog post.