Monday, April 11, 2011

Having a Sex Life while Living with Cancer

Today’s blog is in support of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month which takes place annually each April.

Sex is a way to affirm the love of life. It is an expression of satisfaction gained from being in the present. It expresses the closeness of our deepest relationships and is an important measure of quality of life. 
Sexuality, however, is connected to our overall feelings and well-being.  It can be hard to feel sexy if you’re not feeling well, or if you’re feeling unsure about yourself as a result of cancer. 
But cancer doesn’t mean your sex life has to stop. 
Some people don’t experience any change in their sexual feelings while going through cancer treatment.  And some people find that their sex lives change in some way. The physical and emotional stresses of cancer and treatment might cause you to feel less confident or interested in sex.
Being open and honest with your partner about what feels comfortable for both of you is important – just as it is in any relationship. 
If you find it difficult to talk about cancer and your sexuality, your healthcare team or a counsellor may be able to help.  Our cousellors are available to help with a simple call to 403-283-5580 or email at
Lots of great information and resources are also available online at