Thursday, April 14, 2011

How volunteers help 20,000 more Calgarians make healthy choices

By Talia Kaufman, CSHC Volunteer Coordinator
Being a very small non-profit with a broad long term vision, we benefit from volunteers in a big way. Having a fleet of sexual health experts to deploy anywhere from the Taboo Sex Show to the Seniors Living Fair has let us reach out to literally thousands more Calgarians than we ever have before.
Two years ago the CSHC created a volunteer program to support the agency with its community outreach activities. Since then the agency has benefitted from the energy and support of many amazing people who are dedicated to our cause. These individuals bring with them diverse experiences, perspectives, skills and knowledge, all of which are huge assets to our work. 
Volunteers have strengthened this agency in many ways since its beginnings in the early 70s, and they continue to do so. Currently our volunteer army is comprised of several “battalions” – the Board of Directors, the older adults who are the stars of the Seniors a Go-Go theatre project and the digital story series, and those who support our community outreach work directly in the office and at public events.
Our volunteers bring their sexual health expertise with them wherever they go. Among their friends, within their families, and in their work they are safe people to ask about sexual health. We are grateful to have them as our full time advocates and allies.

Today's blog celebrates our volunteers in honour of National Volunteer Week (NVW).  Each year, NVW pays tribute to the millions of Canadian volunteers who graciously donate their time and energy. This year’s 68th annual NVW takes place the week of April 10 to 16. It is Canada’s largest celebration of volunteers, volunteerism, and civic participation.
Volunteers: Passion. Action. Impact. is the theme of this year’s campaign. It is based on the individual volunteer super-heroes across Canada who dedicate themselves to making their communities better – and Canada a great place to live.